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Archdiocese's New Feature Film Speaks to Spiritual Seekers

North America, along with the rest of the world, loves a good feature film. The American movie industry, based in Hollywood, California, is a force to be reckoned with. The global box office revenue from the film industry is about $38 billion dollars a year, and it’s expected to break $50 billion in the next three years. 

This past September a group was blessed to meet with His Eminence Metropolitan Joseph to screen the first Orthodox feature film produced in America. The documentary was created as an outgrowth of the Becoming Truly Human ministry, a new effort of the Archdiocese that is focused on reaching the large numbers of unchurched people in North America. Commissioned by the Archdiocese, the film was directed by Nathan Jacobs. (View the first four minutes of Becoming Truly Human.)

Those in attendance at the film's screening with Metropolitan Joseph were Adam Roberts and Fr. Michael Nasser of the Archdiocese's Becoming Truly Human ministry, and the film's director, Nathan Jacobs. As the film ended and the credits rolled on the screen, His Eminence congratulated the film's team. Although production costs were a fraction of what similar films cost, it was still an investment of Archdiocesan funds, and the team was grateful that His Eminence was pleased with the results. (Read Metropolitan Joseph's endorsement.) 

Not only is Becoming Truly Human the first American-made feature film about the Orthodox Christian Church, it might also be one of the first feature film documentaries that discusses one of the fastest growing demographics in America, those without any spiritual affiliation. This group has been dubbed "the nones,” because they check “none of the above” in religious surveys. The film follows the journey of seven “nones” who are still seeking answers in the area of spirituality, and a "none" named Basil is profiled in his journey from being a “none” to finding the Orthodox Church. The film has been described as authentic, emotional, and inspirational.

It is the desire of the Metropolitan to see every parish implement the Becoming Truly Human ministry. This ministry not only offers outreach but inreach in the form of parish revitalization. To learn more about the film and the ministry visit the website, contact the Director Fr. Michael Nasser at 616-216-3537, or contact the Administrator Sdn. Adam Lowell Roberts at 615-971-0000.

Metropolitan Joseph Film Endorsement (PDF)152.4 KB