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New England Antiochian Women Hold Pre-Lenten Retreat

DSC01347On Saturday March 1st a retreat was held at St. George Church of Norwood for the Antiochian Women of the Diocese of Worcester and New England. 

The day started with Divine Liturgy followed by registration. Deacon Seraphim Solof then led us in the topic of the retreat; Church Teaching and Contemporary Bioethical Issues.  The talk focused on such topics as stem cell research, cloning, organ transplant and other current issues.  Deacon Seraphim started the session with a survey of stem cell research and cloning before we broke for lunch.  Following a lunch prepared by the women of St. George we heard about issues regarding organ transplants and euthanasia.  Deacon Seraphim serves at Saint George Orthodox Cathedral in Worcester, Mass., and has graduated with a BS degree from MIT and a Master of Divinity degree from Saint Vladimir's Orthodox Theological Seminary.

The presentation was very informative and many women commented on how pleased they were to have attended.  Many questions were asked to which Father answered with expertise. 


Louise Ferguson, Religious Coordinator

Antiochian Camps Remind Priests of Scholarship Deadline

February 27, 2008

Dear Brother in Christ,

Christ is in our midst!

This is just a last second reminder regarding camp scholarships through the generosity of the Order of St Ignatius.  Each parish was mailed a form for awarding up to $700 in camping scholarships.  The scholarships may be applied to any of our eight camps:

  1. Antiochian Village - Pennsylvania
  2. Camp St George - Iowa
  3. Camp St Nicholas - California
  4. Camp St Raphael - Oklahoma
  5. Camp St Thekla – South Carolina
  6. Camp Transfiguration - Canada
  7. St John Summer Camp - Alaska
  8. St Mary of Egypt Camp - Washington

The forms that were mailed to you in early January must be postmarked by March 1st and returned to our office.  All of our camps are receiving numerous requests for additional scholarship assistance.  We are unable to provide such assistance until we know what scholarship funds remain.  It is for this reason we must insist that the St Ignatius Scholarship forms be returned this week.  If you have a camper who has a particular need for additional scholarship assistance that your parish is unable to provide, please have them write to the camp director of the camp they wish to attend stating their specific circumstances and needs.  To contact our camps, please follow the link to our website:

If you have already sent in your scholarship form, I thank you for assisting us and more importantly taking care of your youth who so desperately need our attention and care.

May our Lord bless you with a fruitful Lenten journey to the empty tomb!

Yours brother in Christ,

YOCAMA Plans Youth Mission Trips to New Mexico and Montana

clip_image002[4]As result of previous successful mission experiences with the Navajo Indians in New Mexico and a blessing of his Eminence Metropolitan Maximos of the Greek Archdiocese, a new non-profit organization has been formed. Young Orthodox Christian American Mission Adventures, or YOCAMA, is pleased to announce the scheduling of two mission trip experiences for Orthodox youth.

  • Thursday, June 19 to Saturday, June 28, 2008: Thoreau, New Mexico, to work with the Highland Navajo Outreach, a non-profit organization, to provide help for the Navajo people via home improvement projects, vacation Bible school, medical services, and food delivery.
  • Thursday, July 24 to Saturday, August 2, 2008: Browning,  Montana,to work with the Blackfeet Community hospital and housing authority to provide help for the Blackfeet people via home improvement projects, lunches and activities for local children, medical services, and food delivery.

"We think that this will be an exceptional experience for all those who wish to give of themselves to improve the conditions of the Navajo and Blackfeet people," say YOCAMA organizers.

Download Cover Letter

Teen SOYO hits the airwaves!

Teen SOYO Joins with OCN to Undertake Media Outreach for Teens

You can download the first SOYO episode - (MP3 format) Teens and abortion.

SOYO has joined with the Orthodox Christian Network (OCN) to offer a new podcast for Orthodox Christian teens and their peers.

The show, called Orthodox Teen Talk Online (OTTO), features a pan-Orthodox group of teens from around the country, who discuss real-life issues in an open and honest manner with at least one Orthodox priest. One of the unique characteristics of the show is that the teens themselves develop the topics for discussion, contribute their own opinions and share their own life experiences related to the discussion. This allows Orthodox young people to find their own voice and develop their own Orthodox Christian response to some of the most pressing issues of the day.

"The young people of the Antiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese of North America are deeply committed to living the Orthodox Faith in Christ daily," V. Rev. Dr. Joseph Purpura, Chairman of Department of Youth Ministry, said. "It is with joy that our young people join with OCN and other Orthodox teens in expressing their Orthodox Christian Faith and its profound effect on their daily choices."

OTTO is a collaborative effort of the Antiochian Youth Department, NAC Teen SOYO, OCN and the Youth Department of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese. Several episodes of OTTO have already been recorded.

In the first SOYO episode, Fr. Antony Bahou spoke with several officers of the NAC Teen SOYO, including Christopher Shadid and Amanda Sahawneh, about the sanctity of life and how Orthodox teens respond to related issues, such as abortion, stem cell research and euthanasia.

Fr. Daniel Zelinski To Speak at St. Anthony's in Bergenfield, NJ

St. Anthony Antiochian Orthodox Church in Bergenfield, NJ, invites the public to hear Fr. Daniel Zelinski speak on Friday, March 21, at 8:30 p.m. Recently conferred as Bishop-elect of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, Fr. Zelinski’s perspective on Orthodox theology and its place in the wider realm of Christian thought have made him a popular speaker and lecturer. Fr. Zelinski will offer his perspective and insight on the Ukrainian city of Chernoble since the disastrous nuclear meltdown over 20 years ago.

This presentation is part of the ongoing The Voice of the Orthodox Christian in Today’s Religious Dialogue series of public events that highlights and focuses Eastern Orthodox thinking on today’s issues. The series is open to all Orthodox, Christians from every denomination, and to the public at large, to explore critical issues in today’s world and understand the sometimes quiet, sometimes disparate, Orthodox Christian perspective.

For more information, call St. Anthony's at 201-568-8840.

Frederica To Speak in Ohio To Benefit OCN

frederica Join the Orthodox Christian Network (OCN) on Saturday, May 3, in Rocky River, Ohio, for a lecture, brunch, and book signing with noted Orthodox author Frederica Mathewes-Green. All proceeds from the event will benefit OCN. For tickets and more information, call 440-835-2348 or 440-899-3257.

Memory Eternal: Sonia (Daly) Belcher

sonia We sorrowfully announce the falling asleep in the Lord of the servant of God Sonia (Daly) Belcher, 32, of St. George Church, Boston, Mass., on February 20, 2008. She is survived by her husband Deacon Nicholas Belcher and their four month old son Andrew. Sonia was a faithful member of the Fellowship of St. John the Divine, both on a Diocesan and NAC level. She served on the board of the Theophany School and was active in her and her husband's parish.

Our heartfelt sympathies and prayers are with her husband Rev. Dn. Nicholas and her 4 month old son Andrew and the entire Daly and Belcher families. May her memory be eternal.

Sonia's family has put together a website to remember her and for her friends to share some memories:

IOCC Expands Community Development Projects in Kosovo

Baltimore (IOCC) - International Orthodox Christian Charities (IOCC) today announced an expansion of its work in Kosovo to provide immediate assistance to isolated minority communities and long term development projects aimed at providing stability and cooperation. The expanded initiatives in Kosovo will provide continued support for families, including household items, support for agricultural projects and family gardens, and school supplies.

The IOCC response will also offer assistance for schools and community centers in isolated communities.

Local leaders in minority enclaves in Kosovo report that the situation remains very tense, with most villagers restricted to their homes, making access to health and education facilities difficult. More and more young people are leaving Kosovo because of the isolation and the lack of jobs.

IOCC has been implementing community development and relief programs in Kosovo since 1993. Recent projects in the region are designed to give people in such isolated communities hope and opportunity. IOCC is building a community center in Velika Hoca with a special meeting place for youth clubs, a gym facility, an internet center, and computer-equipped classrooms.

IOCC is also partnering with the monks of the Visoki Decani Monastery on an innovative project that will not only increase the production capacity of the monastery vineyards, but will also provide more jobs to villagers and promote peaceful cooperation through the purchase of grapes from local farmers of all ethnicities.

"Our role is not a political or a national program, but to care for the soul and the body" said Father Sava Janjic, one of the monks. "IOCC does this as well, and we hope that this economic interdependence that IOCC is helping us to establish with the Albanian community will help interethnic relations."

Bishop HILARION, Representative of the Russian Orthodox Church to the European Institutions in Brussels, Makes Statement to WCC

Bishop Hilarion Alfeyev: Liberal Christianity will not survive for a long time

Intervention at the opening session of the Central Committee of the World Council of Churches, Geneva, 13 February 2008

I would like to draw your attention to the danger of liberal Christianity. The liberalization of moral standards, initiated by some Protestant and Anglican communities several decades ago and developing with ever-increasing speed, has now brought us to a situation where we can no longer preach one and the same code of moral conduct. We can no longer speak about Christian morality, because moral standards promoted by 'traditional' and 'liberal' Christians are markedly different, and the abyss between these two wings of contemporary Christianity is rapidly growing.

We are being told by some allegedly Christian leaders, who still bear the titles of Reverends and Most Reverends, that marriage between a woman and a man is no longer the only option for creating a Christian family, that there are other patterns, and that the church must be 'inclusive' enough to recognize alternative lifestyles and give them official and solemn blessing. We are being told that human life is no longer an unquestionable value, that it can be summarily aborted in the womb, or that one may have the right to interrupt it voluntarily, and that Christian 'traditionalists' should reconsider their standpoints in order to be in tune with modern developments. We are being told that abortion is acceptable, contraception is agreeable, and euthanasia is better still, and that the church must accommodate all these 'values' in the name of human rights.

New Orthodox Publisher Launched: Anaphora Press seeks to serve the Orthodox Community

header Anaphora Press now open for business. Responding to the growing needs of American Orthodox Christians, Anaphora Press seeks to provide an array of materials to enrich both personal lives and liturgical experience.

Port Townsend, WA Feb. 5, 2008 – New Orthodox publishing company, Anaphora Press, opens its doors and releases its first two products: liturgical chant CD “Cherubika” and poetry collection Mysteries of Silence. The website goes live, offering a hub of information for Orthodox singers, artists and writers across several genres of creative and liturgical arts.

While theological, hagiographical and biographical works are currently well-represented in English by several established Orthodox publishers, Anaphora Press focuses on the under-represented genres of creative fiction and poetry with a particularly Orthodox ethos. Its first publication, a book of poetry by Reader Christopher Lewis entitled Mysteries of Silence is now available.

Similarly, it seeks to publish curricular materials designed with Orthodox children in mind. Complementing these materials, the website also provides links, reviews, and resource materials for parents, homeschoolers, and educators.

Orthodox Archdiocese of Nigeria Celebrates Ten Year Anniversary

clip_image001In a recent letter to OCMC, Metropolitan Alexander, of the Orthodox Archdiocese of Nigeria, greeted all who have supported the work of this church:  “You all have left a green leaf in our hearts.”  His Eminence’s comments followed the recent celebration of the tenth anniversary of the Orthodox Archdiocese of Nigeria.

The Nigerian people formed a union of churches called “Calvary Grace Church” in search of the “original Christian Church.”  By 1985, this collective of Nigerian churches was brought into the full canonical beauty of the Orthodox Church.

In his letter, Archbishop Alexander encouraged the Nigerian faithful toward “a deep reflection and concentration on our vocation, our ministry…for greater spiritual pursuits, for more intensive and warm prayer life, so as to be able with ‘naked intuition’ to listen every moment to ‘what the Spirit says to the Churches’ (Rev. 2:29).” 

His Eminence also shared what wonderful opportunities there are within the Archdiocese to “perceive the certainty of the love, mercy, and the grace of God; His inexorable providence and divine intervention.”  Metropolitan Alexander praised those who, seizing these opportunities, are brought by God to carry the cross, to reveal the Gospel in Nigeria.

Antiochian Village Seeks Camp Program Director

clip_image002Antiochian Village, Ligonier, Pa., is seeking a full-time program director responsible for year round program development and oversight of the summer camp program staff (i.e. morning program, evening program, arts and crafts, etc).

The Antiochian Village Camp is in its 30th year of operation. We are fully accredited by the American Camp Association. We are a full service year-round camp that is minutes north of Ligonier, PA and is part of a team ministry that also includes the Antiochian Village Retreat and Conference Center.

The mission of the Antiochian Village is to present to young people a living experience of the Holy Orthodox Faith, in their relationship with God and other campers in an uncluttered, natural environment.

If interested, send your résumé to V. Rev. Anthony G. Yazge, Antiochian Village Camp, 201 St. Ignatius Trail, Bolivar, PA 15923,

Metropolitan KALLISTOS Ware to Speak at St. George Antiochian Church of Troy, MI Feb. 19

His Excellency Kallistos, Metropolitan of Diokleia, Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of Great Britain, will lecture on “The Future of Orthodoxy in the United States - Eucharistic Community & Unity: Achieving Both” on Tuesday, February 19 at 7 p.m. at St. George Antiochian Orthodox Church, 2160 E. Maple Road, Troy.

Born Timothy Ware in Bath, Somerset, England, Metropolitan Kallistos is an auxiliary bishop of the Ecumenical Patriarchate in Great Britain and an internationally known writer and lecturer on Orthodox Christianity ( His books include The Orthodox Church and The Orthodox Way.

Metropolitan Kallistos’s lecture is sponsored by Detroit-based St. Andrew House – Center for Orthodox Christian Studies. “For more than 15 centuries, Orthodox Christians were defined by their faith and worship, following the Great Commission of Jesus Christ to ‘Go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit,’ said the founder and president of St. Andrew House, the Most Rev. Nathaniel, Archbishop of Detroit and the Romanian Episcopate of the Orthodox Church in America.

“Yet in America, the Ancient Orthodox Church is seen as an ‘ethnic' church, defined more by the nationality of its members rather than the tenets of the One-True Faith,” Archbishop Nathaniel said. “Metropolitan Kallistos will explore the future of Orthodoxy in American and offer his thoughts on how a united Orthodox Church can prosper and effectively preach the Gospel in today's world.”

Metropolitan Kallistos’s lecture is open to the public. The attendance fee is $10. For reservations and additional information, contact Dean Calvert at or (248) 624 1222.

The Falling Asleep of Archbishop CHRISTODOULOS of Athens and All Greece


Archbishop CHRISTODOULOS of Athens and All Greece reposed at his home on Monday, January 28, 2008, after several months combating a serious illness. He had served the Church of Greece as Archbishop since 1998. The prayers of all of the people of the Antiochian Archdiocese go out for the sake of this strong leader and shepherd, and those whose lives he has touched.

Greek Prime Minister Costas Karamanlis paid tribute to the “enlightened” Archbishop in a statement released Monday. Karamanlis praised Christodoulos as a "religious leader who reinforced the role of Orthodoxy in the world," and for bringing the church closer to the public.

Immediately after the announcement of the passing of the late Archbishop Christodoulos, a four day mourning period was declared. The funeral service will take place in the Cathedral of Athens on Thursday, January 31, 2008.

Seminary Announces Schmemann Lecture and Symposium

Crestwood, NY - The annual Fr. Alexander Schmemann Memorial Lecture at St Vladimir’s Seminary will be expanded this year to a full-day, mid-week event on Wednesday, January 30, 2008, to coincide with the feast of Three Hierarchs, the patron saints of the seminary’s chapel. His Grace BASIL, Bishop of Wichita and Mid-America (Antiochian Archdiocese), will speak on Fr. Schmemann as Teacher and Liturgist, focusing on the influence Fr. Alexander had on him personally.

The expanded event begins with Vigil served on the eve of the Feast on Tuesday, January 29, 2008 at 6:30 p.m. in the Three Hierarchs Chapel. Wednesday, January 30 will be a full day beginning with a Hierarchical Divine Liturgy at 9:00 a.m., followed by brunch and an academic symposium. Three theologians will address various aspects of St. John Chrysostom’s life and teachings in commemoration of the conclusion of the 1600th anniversary of the repose of this beloved Orthodox Saint and one of the Three Hierarchs.

One of the distinguished speakers for the symposium is Dr. Margaret Mitchell, Professor of New Testament and Early Christian Literature in the University of Chicago’s Divinity School. She is the author of The Heavenly Trumpet: John Chrysostom and the Art of Pauline Interpretation and will be speaking on St. John Chrysostom as homilist.

The second speaker is Hieromonk Gregory Woolfenden, Ph.D., pastor of St Mary’s Ukrainian Orthodox Church in New Britain, CT. Fr. Gregory serves as Professor of Liturgical Studies at St. Sophia Seminary and is a Visiting Assistant Professor of Liturgical Studies at Yale Institute of Sacred Music/Yale Divinity School. Fr. Gregory is the author of Daily Liturgical Prayer: Origins and Theology. He will be speaking on St. John Chrysostom as liturgist.

A New Design for

image Our team here at the Department of Communications and Information Technology is implementing a new design for this website. We hope you're pleased with the results, and ask for your patience as we work through any technical difficulties that might crop up over the coming days.

Over the past months, we've worked to better understand what this site should be, and how it can best serve the needs of our Archdiocese, our Church, and our Lord. We've developed a new appreciation for the vital, organic nature of the Church, the Body of Christ, and the implications of this truth for our efforts here.

A healthy, living body, our Archdiocese contains a great range of people and projects. From the leadership and guidance of His Eminence Metropolitan PHILIP and our other hierarchs, to dedicated clergy and laity sustaining great works like our youth programs and the Order of St. Ignatius; from the powerful local service of pastors and congregations across North America, to the inspirational teachings of great Antiochian writers and speakers; the information, stories and resources that deserve to be communicated via this site are vast.

Update on the 2008 Archdiocese Directory

For the first time in 2008, we are producing the Archdiocese Directory from our newly established database, which will result in better accuracy as well as more timely updates. Normally the new directory would have been mailed by now – however, the new process has taken longer than expected.


God willing, the 2008 Directory will be mailed by the end of January.


Thank you for your patience.

The Passing of Elinor Bourjaily: Memory Eternal!

image The Order of St. Ignatius was saddened to learn about the passing of our member, Elinor Bourjaily, on January 4, 2007.  She was a past member of the Governing Council and chaired our Public Relations committee.  She was a member of St. Matthew Church in North Royalton, Ohio. Currently her daughter, Anne Thomas, is the Chair of Long Range Planning.  The family requests all spiritual bequests be sent to the Elinor Bourjaily Endowment Fund to benefit Campers and College students:

St. Matthew Church

POB 33183

North Royalton, Ohio 44133

C/O Elinor Bourjaily Endowment Fund

May her Memory Be Eternal!

His Grace Bishop THOMAS Serves 300 OCF Students During College Conference

ocf-button-On a beautiful and very cold Pennsylvania day nearly 300 college students from over a dozen countries descended on the Antiochian Village to kick off the 2007 OCF College Conference (East Coast), a five-day spiritual retreat packed full of speakers, workshops, service projects, panel discussions, fellowship activities, and powerful services.  Fr. Anthony Salzman remarked that serving in the altar with 300 young and amazing singing voices behind him was exciting and moving...and felt a little bit like driving a Ferrari race car. 

ocf2aHis Grace, Bp. THOMAS presided over each of the services and offered insights and encouragement to the attendees urging  them to stay their paths, to stay connected to the Church, and to consider serving God through vocation.  Full of wit and humor, His Grace connected with the students at every opportunity enthusiastically proclaiming that they are the future of the Church.  

Dn. Nick Belcher was the event's keynote speaker delivering a three-day tour de force on vocation that was motivating, inspirational, and at times hilarious.  His unique perspective can be heard in three parts on Ancient Faith Radio.

IOCC Announces Internship Opportunity in Ethiopia


2008 IOCC Internship Program

Please note: The deadline for submitting applications for the 2008 IOCC Internship Program is January 31, 2008. Applicants will be notified of IOCC’s decision by April 1, 2008.

Work overseas in the exciting field of humanitarian relief!

The mission of International Orthodox Christian Charities (IOCC) is to respond to the call of our Lord Jesus Christ to minister to people in need throughout the world, sharing with them God’s gifts of food, shelter, economic self-sufficiency and hope.

IOCC Internship Program in 2008

The IOCC Internship Program offers a unique opportunity to gain first-hand experience in the operations of an international humanitarian aid organization.

In 2008, IOCC is offering one 3-month internship in Ethiopia. IOCC internships require a 10 to 12 week full-time commitment. Internship assignments are based on the needs of a particular field office. The proposed internship locations may change due to programmatic changes in the field that cannot always be predicted months ahead.

The intern will receive a stipend of $500 per month. IOCC will also cover the following expenses: visas and related costs, round trip airfare, lodging, and workmen’s compensation while overseas.

December AGAIN Audio Journal Now Available

imageThrough a joint effort of Conciliar Press Ministries and Ancient Faith Radio, every month you’ll be able to access a new edition of a fast paced audio magazine featuring original recordings from AGAIN, home for 30 years to the most compelling voices of today’s Orthodox community.

The December edition includes an interview with Fr. David Rucker of the Orthodox Christian Mission Center speaking about our Christian calling to remember the poor in the world, and an article by Douglas Cramer, Managing Editor of AGAIN, speaking about the relationship between our Orthodox Christian faith and the fantasy literature of CS Lewis and JRR Tolkien.

Bringing with him a lifetime of experience in missionary work, Fr. David Rucker joined the team at the Orthodox Christian Mission Center (OCMC) as its new associate director in late 2006. OCMC is the official international mission agency of the Standing Conference of Canonical Orthodox Bishops in the Americas (SCOBA). Its purpose is to encourage, support, and facilitate the establishment and development of self-supporting, eucharistic Orthodox Christian communities worldwide, thus incorporating the person into the fullness of a life in Christ.

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