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"You will be enriched in every way for great generosity, which through us will produce thanksgiving to God." + 2 Cor. 9:11

What is the Antiochian Heritage Foundation and why was it created? It is a new approach to cultivate the tremendous talents which the faithful of this Archdiocese have. The dreams and visions are accomplished through the generosity and help of our philanthropists and humanitarians who believe in the growing need in our North American Archdiocese, in order to reaffirm their faith and rebuild their spiritual lives.

For donors, it is about leaving a legacy and ensuring that their gifts support the values and causes most important to them. These might also include the various projects for the Antiochian Village as well as the needs of the Archdiocese and its clergy. The aim here is to empower the Archdiocese and donors to fulfill their respective missions. A carefully structured, planned giving program reassures potential donors of the wisdom of their decisions.

The Antiochian Archdiocese, as the overseer of our people, tries to provide for all of our faithful the expected services needed for this and the next generation. A larger scale approach will help achieve the goals that will enrich our lives. To accomplish this mission, Metropolitan Philip of Blessed Memory chose Economos Antony Gabriel as Chairman of this department.

Reflections on the Holy Priesthood

Economos Antony GabrielEconomos Antony GabrielEconomos Antony Gabriel is Chairman of the Antiochian Heritage Foundation and is recently retired from St. George Antiochian Orthodox Church of Montreal, Quebec and McGill University, and has authored numerous articles in The Word magazine and elsewhere.

I.  A Brief Reflection on 54 Years in the Holy Priesthood

Today, it is coincidently the 50th Anniversary of the Repose of our late Metropolitan ANTONY.

While it is a long time ago, the event is like yesterday. I remember kneeling before the altar as His Eminence was about to ordain me a Deacon, and before he did, he whispered: "What name did you choose, since Kenneth is not a saints name?" I whispered back: Elias, the name of our parish. When he began the prayers of elevation, he loudly exclaimed Antony as he banged me on my head with his heavy hands. Read more...

II.  My Days at St. Vladimir's Orthodox Theological Seminary

As I stand back, lo these many years, there are incidents that are embedded in our hearts and minds, especially of my time at St. Vladimir Orthodox Theological Seminary. 

Honor Wall Project: Update From Economos Antony Gabriel

September 1, 2017

Dear Beloved in Christ,

I listened carefully to Metropolitan Joseph's State of the Archdiocese message at the recent Archdiocesan bi-annual Convention in which he cited the work of his predecessors, Metropolitan's Antony and Philip, citing also the mission of St. Raphael, the first bishop consecrated on American soil and the first bishop to serve the spiritual needs of the Antiochians in North America. Sayidna quite poignantly noted that he is building on the great work of those who came before him and God has appointed him to save "souls" as his most important ministry as the Chief Shepherd of the Antiochian Orthodox Archdiocese of North America. This indeed is an awesome task in the context of the secularism of our society. All our prayers are with His Eminence as he presses forward with the Staff entrusted to him by His Beatitude, John X, guiding the spiritual ship of the Archdiocese, in the model of St. Paul's Epistle to the Ephesians.

With the guiding principles of His Eminence, building on the sacred work of all those who came before, It is of utmost importance that we not forget our forefathers in the faith who layer the foundation of Antiochian Orthodoxy on New shores. During the years that I conducted the research for the book: Ancient Church on New Shores: Antioch in North America, I discovered so many heroes who served the faithful regardless of the vicissitudes of language, climate, material resources and dislocation from their native lands. Many came seeking a better life and because of their love, faith and knowledge of the liturgical services, were ordained to minister in the emerging Church in North America. Saint Raphael utilized all the resources available to him at the time as he crisscrossed the Continent seeking the " lost sheep of Antioch." Just think for a few minutes how arduous was his task, and how easy it is for us with the social media to maintain contact with our friends from all over the globe, let alone here in North America.

Lest We Forget: Economos Antony Gabriel Introduces The Honor Wall

An Open Letter to the Archdiocese
By Economos Antony Gabriel

To The Archdiocese Board of Trustees, Pastors , Parish Council Members and Faithful of our God Protected Archdiocese:


May you be blessed during this Season of Pascha and Pentecost.

I am appealing to you through the vehicle of The Word magazine, to raise your awareness of one of an important projects of the Foundation: An Honor Wall is to be placed in the Antiochian Village Heritage Center commemorating the blessed hierarchs, Vice Chairman of the Archdiocese Board of Trustees, and faithful clergy since the inception of the Antiochian Church in North America. Having authored Ancient Church on New Shores: Antioch in North America, it was a blessing to study the lives of the pioneers, commencing with St. Raphael and so many others who literally gave their lives together with their wives to plant the seeds of Antiochian Orthodoxy on this continent.

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