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New Books Available from Conciliar Press

cpbooks Check out new titles from Conciliar Press, including Shepherding the Flock, Lynette's Hope, Moses' Flight from Egypt, Drita, and more.

Lynette's Hope: The Witness of Lynette Katherine Hoppe's Life and Death

lynetteEdited by Fr. Luke Veronis

Lynette fulfilled her dream of being active in ministry right up until her death. In fact, for a month previous to her demise, she vigorously involved herself in the arts and crafts projects and in giving several talks at each of the three girls’ summer church camps held at the St. John Vladimir Monastery. During this time, she also took the time to sing a number of songs on a CD for her children, while writing some letters for future events in the lives of Tristan and Katherine. Exactly eleven days before she died, she even offered a powerful and inspirational talk to the girls about her journey with cancer and preparing for death. Interestingly, it was precisely on this day that her motor skills began to fail.

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Listen to an interview with Fr. Luke on Ancient Faith Radio

New Multimedia Resources For Holy Week From OCN

ocn2The Orthodox Christian Network will be featuring several special programs for Holy Week and Pascha on its Web site (, including beautiful sacred music from the Orthodox Christian liturgical services of Holy Week.

Throughout Holy Week, visitors to will also be able to watch the Holy Week services that will be celebrated at St. Demetrios Church in Fort Lauderdale. These will be available in a live stream, and also available on-demand in a special archive. [Read More]

The Truth of Pascha

image By Douglas Cramer, Editor,  

I've recently been spending time with an old college roommate, a man dying of cancer in his 30’s. He’s not Christian, not married, has no children. We spend a lot of time talking about death. “What do you believe happens when we die?”, my friend asked unprompted one afternoon as we sat outside his home. “You know I’m a Christian,” I answered. “This is what I believe.” And I talked about the Resurrection, about how I believe the truth is that we are created for life, body and soul. That death is not the end. That we are called to live, to live the life of the New Man.

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St. Tikhon, Patriarch of Moscow and Enlightener of North America

imageThe repose of St. Tikhon is celebrated on April 7.

"The more I study the history of the Orthodox Church in this country, the more I am convinced that our work here is God's work; that God himself is helping us . . . we have to guard sacredly the Orthodox faith, to stand firm in it, disregarding the fact that we live in a non-Orthodox country; not giving heed to opinions one hears, such as: 'This is not the Old Country, here. This is a free land.' Therefore, supposedly, we may not have to observe everything that the Church requires. As if the Word of God is suitable only for the Old Country and not for the whole world. As if the Church of Christ is not catholic! As if the Orthodox Faith is not the one that 'sustains the universe!'" - from St. Tikhon's 1907 Speech to the All-American Council in Mayfield, Pennsylvania

Learn more about this great saint of the Church in North America.

April 2008 Word Magazine Now Online

Click cover to download: 

Great and Holy Saturday: The Forgotten Feast, by Daniel Manzuk
An Interview with Charles Ajalat on Orthodox Unity in America, Part 2, by Kevin Allen
Reports from Antiochian Women and the Department of Christian Education
Communities in Action
...and more!

The Feast of the Annunciation and the Synaxis of the Archangel Gabriel

image March 25 is the Great Feast of the Annunciation. March 26 is the Synaxis of the Archangel Gabriel.

"Hearken, O Maiden, virgin and pure, that Gabriel may tell the eternal will of the Highest. Make thee ready to receive God; for the Uncontainable shall, through thee, mingle with mankind."

Visit the Department of Sacred Music for liturgical musical resources for the Feast.

The Boy Who Died and the Boy Who Lived: On the Annunciation, by Douglas Cramer

The Annunciation of the Virgin Mary, by Metropolitan Hierotheos (Vlachos)

AFR Introduces Two New Podcasts


re/Call: In partnership with the Youth Department of the Antiochian Archdiocese Ancient Faith Radio is happy to announce a new podcast just for the youth! It premiered on Saturday, March 22.

Wheat, Wine and Oil: Martha Condra is a culinary expert living in Birmingham and will help us follow faith from the market to the kitchen to the family table. Just in time for Great Lent, Martha will help us plan our Lenten meals and bring a fresh perspective on the role of food in our faith journey.

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Great Lent 2008 Resource Center

image O Lord and Master of my life, take from me the spirit of sloth, faintheartedness, lust of power, and idle talk. But give rather the spirit of chastity, humility, patience and love to your servant. Yes, O Lord and King, grant me to see my own sin and not to judge my brother, for You are blessed from all ages to all ages. Amen. + The Lenten Prayer of St. Ephraim the Syrian

This resource page will be continually updated throughout Great Lent to provide a guide for our collective journey to Holy Pascha on April 27, 2008.

Click here to visit the Great Lent 2008 Resource Center.

AFR Features Interview with Metropolitan KALLISTOS

kallistos2Listen to Ancient Faith Radio's Illumined Heart podcast for a special interview with His
Eminence, Metropolitan KALLISTOS Ware. The guest host on the program is Father Steve Tsichlis, Senior Pastor of Saint Paul's Greek Orthodox Church in Irvine, California. Their topic is Understanding the Sacraments. Saint Paul’s recently hosted His Eminence, Metropolitan KALLISTOS to Southern California, for a two-day, packed-house seminar to the general public titled, “Drawing Closer to the Savior: The Sacramental Life”.

Bringing A Light to the World Wide Web editor Douglas Cramer shares his vision for the site in this article printed in the March issue of The Word.

"Throughout the New Testament, we find stories of St. Paul making use of the tools of his day to communicate the Gospel, to engage in the marketplace of ideas. From ships to the postal service, St. Paul used the communications systems of the Roman Empire in service of our Lord Jesus Christ. This model continues to guide the Church today, as we seek to use well the tools of our society to communicate with each other, and with the world beyond. And the most significant communications technology of today is also the one that is so new that we are all still coming to grips with its place in our lives: the Internet."

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A Homily for Meatfare Sunday

lastjudgmentMarch 2 is the Sunday of The Last Judgment. Read a soul-profiting homily by St. John Chrysostom (347-407) based on Matthew 25:31-41, the Gospel reading for Sunday, March 2.

Meatfare Sunday
Wherefore, by the abundance of Thine ineffable compassion, O Christ God, make us worthy of Thine illustrious voice and number us among those who stand at thy right hand.

This icon is by the hand of Arlene Tilghman, used by permission of "Come and See" Icons, Books & Art.

Bishop ANTOUN: Commemorating 25 Years

Dabraham present Check On February 23, in Miami, Florida, friends and family celebrated with Bishop ANTOUN in commemoration of his 25th Anniversary as bishop. All proceeds from the evening went towards purchasing a Chancery for the Diocese of Miami. The Order of St. Ignatius Chairperson Dan Abraham presented Bishop ANTOUN a check for $100,000 towards the Chancery. We congratulate Bishop ANTOUN and ask that God grant him many years!

Learn more about Bishop ANTOUN

Learn more about the Order of St. Ignatius




Fr. Michael Nasser Speaks About Project Mexico

crtl On this week's Come Receive the Light radio program, Fr. Chris speaks with Fr. Michael Nasser about Project Mexico, a ministry that has been involving young people in the alleviation of suffering by building homes for Mexico's poor. Fr. Michael is the priest at St. Innocent Orphanage and Project Mexico in Tijuana, Mexico.

"As Christians, we need to be in touch directly with people in need, as Christ was. Working at Project Mexico is an act of mercy that Orthodox in North America can be involved with and still be back at school or work on Monday morning," Fr. Michael says about work teams from the United States that serve there.

Listen to the interview with Fr. Michael.

Learn more about Come Receive the Light.

Learn more about Project Mexico.

Metropolitan KALLISTOS Addresses the Future of Orthodoxy in the U.S.

kallistosThe brilliance of Orthodoxy was in full array in Troy Michigan Tuesday evening, February 19, as Metropolitan KALLISTOS made his first visit to Detroit to discuss the Future of Orthodoxy in the United States. The visit was hosted by St. Andrew House Center for Orthodox Christian Studies.

In what was undoubtedly the most successful Pan Orthodox event ever held in this city, more than 500 people jammed into St. George Antiochian Orthodox Church in Troy, Michigan, to hear the presentation.

The setting was the beautiful Byzantine sanctuary of St. George Antiochian Orthodox Church in Troy, Michigan, under the pastoral care of Fr. Joseph Antypas. The event had to be moved into the sanctuary when it became apparent that the original setup in the church hall would not suffice.

"We must say the catholicity and universality of the church are more valuable, more fundamental than our national, ethnic, and cultural identity," His Eminence told the assembled group. "If the basis of the Church’s existence is life in the Eucharist, it means that the church is organized on a territorial, and not on an ethnic principle," he continued.

"We need to be clear about our priorities; the catholicity and universality of the Church, are much much more precious than our national or ethnic identity," said the hierarch.

Metropolitan PHILIP and Bishop ANTOUN Commemorative Video Documentary

image "Two Boys from the Balamand," a video produced to honor Metropolitan PHILIP's 35th episcopal anniversary, is now available to the community thanks to Orthodox.TV of Tulsa, Oklahoma. This unique 10-minute documentary on the intertwined lives of Metropolitan PHILIP and Bishop ANTOUN was produced by V. Rev. Fr. Paul Romley, directed by Mark Nassief and narrated by C. Fredrick Milkie, M.D.

Click here to watch Two Boys from the Balamand.

Remember that Saturday, February 23 will be the grand banquet honoring His Grace Bishop ANTOUN on his 25th episcopal anniversary in Miami, Florida. Click here for more information on the anniversary banquet. And click here for Bishop ANTOUN's biography.

Orthodox.TV currently offers subscription-based access to all online content including access to public addresses from hierarchs and the Archdioceses, online news, general Orthodox Communications, live main-events such as conventions and conferences up to 30 days after they are recorded, weekly shows, and online discussion forums.

AGAIN Releases Winter Issue: Remembering the Cries of the Poor

again-winterConciliar Press has released the Winter issue of AGAIN, including a special interview with Fr. David Rucker, Associate Director of the Orthodox Christian Mission Center; a reflection on the work of The Raphael House, an Orthodox home for the needy in San Francisco; and Conflicted Hearts: Orthodox Christian Social Justice in an Age of Globalization, by John Couretas of the American Orthodox Institute.

“In short, on the matter of economic globalization, Orthodox Christian leaders have been deeply conflicted. And today, as the world knits itself closer together through international trade and Internet-enabled communications, economics are almost always at the root of any discussion of “social justice”—whether the particular issue be health care, labor, the environment or immigration.”

This article is available in full online. Click here to read the rest.

Click here to learn more about AGAIN.

Ancient Faith Radio Introduces 4 New Podcasts

4afrpodcasts On February 16, Ancient Faith Radio launched four new podcasts, including the debut of Fr. Thomas Hopko’s Speaking the Truth in Love.

Speaking the Truth in Love. Providing compelling commentary on Christian belief and behavior, Fr. Tom Hopko has joined the growing podcast family of Ancient Faith Radio.

Postcards From Greece. Fr. Peter Alban Heers will take us on a journey through the ancient country of Greece and give us a glimpse of Orthodox life and spirituality.


Search The Scriptures. Presvytera and Dr. Jeannie Constantinou will guide us through the Holy Scriptures through the eyes of the Fathers.


Food For The Journey. Fr. William Mills takes us through a journey in understanding Great Lent.

Access Ancient Faith's podcasts at

Listen to Metropolitan PHILIP's Nativity Liturgy and Homily from St. Nicholas Cathedral, 2007

imageHis Eminence Metropolitan PHILIP presided over the Nativity Liturgy in 2007 at St. Nicholas Cathedral of Brooklyn, New York. This recording, provided by Fr. Thomas Zain of St. Nicholas and produced by John Maddex of Ancient Faith Radio, is a great gift because of both the timeliness and power of our Metropolitan's teaching, and because of the beautiful example it provides us of the grace and beauty with which our Divine Liturgy can be served. This recorded Liturgy stands as a wonderful introduction to the unique song of the ancient Christian Liturgy, and we highly recommend it for anyone interested in learning more about the holy Orthodox Faith.

For over 40 years the Antiochian Archdiocese has been greatly blessed by the leadership of our beloved Metropolitan PHILIP. We encourage anyone interested in learning more about the life and work of His Eminence to visit our new Metropolitan PHILIP page.

Click here to listen to the Nativity Divine Liturgy from St. Nicholas Cathedral, 2007.

Click here to listen to His Eminence's 2007 Nativity homily.

Click here to learn more about St. Nicholas Cathedral.