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December 2017 Newsletter

Dear friend of St. Athanasius Academy:

The Presence of Mary - The New Eve

While yet in Eden – the Garden of Paradise – our first Eve, in the innocent curiosity of a child, turned away from the wisdom and warning of the Word. This brought clarity to Moses as to the absolute need of our being clothed, by our Father, in the mortality of His flesh. And this clothing was a blessing unto salvation – a chastisement of His love for us.

Yet in His time, our Lord and Father, became Incarnate to fulfill His prophecies – of His coming to His children with a face and a voice. Yet in this, he asked the help of a young virgin, a handmaiden of the House of David, and a child of promise to Joachim and Anna – as was Isaac the son of Abraham. In gratitude and rejoicing, they gifted Mary to the Temple.

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