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Chancellor Charles Ajalat Speaks About Orthodox Administrative Unity in America: Audio Available Saturday, January 19

image "I would love to see 45 or more dioceses of a united North American Church, with each bishop having the title of each major U.S. or Canadian city, for the sake of our children and grandchildren, and more importantly for the salvation of all on this continent. I would love to see our Church, through Christ, transforming our culture, while it's transforming our own lives." - Charles Ajalat

This week Ancient Faith Radio will be broadcasting a special edition of Kevin Allen's podcast, The Illumined Heart, on the future of the American Orthodox Church. Will there ever be one American Orthodox Church? What are the reasons for the continuing divisions among ethnic and historic jurisdictions? Who and what stands in the way of administrative unity? In this historic and hard-hitting interview, Kevin Allen speaks with Chancellor of the Antiochian Archdiocese Charles Ajalat. Charles was the behind-the-scenes architect of the historic Ligonier meeting of hierarchs in 1994.

This special edition of The Illumined Heart will be available via Ancient Faith Radio on January 19.

Click here for a PDF version of AGAIN's Winter 2003 issue on Antiochian Self Rule, including an interview with Metropolitan PHILIP and an article by Charles Ajalat, "A Vision for North American Orthodoxy."

Click here to read Metropolitan PHILIP's visionary call for unity from 1984.

Click here to read Antiochian Archpriest Gordon Walker's reflection on the importance of unity for Orthodox evangelism.