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August 2014 Newsletter

Dear friend of St. Athanasius Academy:

Celebrating the Prophet Micah
(Chapter 4 and 5, OSB Septuagint)

Chapter 4 of Micah, is a marvelous example of our lasting hope in the Lord, even when we're our own worst enemy. This prophecy of Micah concerns the Jews being both dispersed and exiled for their disobedience, while at the same time, Micah's words are of hope to the "remnant". Chapter 4 also confirms the Lord interacting with the most humble of His people, as Micah was known to be an everyday farmer, with no specific reputation. Yet those knowing Micah, listened intently, for his words were true and sincere. Interestingly, the name Micah means, one likened unto the One God, the I AM. He reminds one of St John the Baptist.

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