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Now Available: Hyperlinking of Sacred Music Within Liturgical Texts






Tired of searching for sheet music to match the texts of the divine services while trying to worship in church? The Departments of Sacred Music and Liturgics have teamed up to make things easier for our chanters and choirs by now providing hyperlinks to pieces of music, built right into the PDF versions of the Liturgical Texts of the Online Liturgical Guide. Click on the hyperlinks from any computer or smart device for many of our hymns arranged by composers of the Antiochian Archdiocese, such as "O Lord, I Have Cried;" apolytikia and kontakia for Sundays feasts and saints; seasonal katabasiae; the Praises; prosomoia (model hymns); and so much more.

Each of the blue-colored links will take you directly to the music itself. Chanters using smart devices (phones and tablets) for the divine services in church can sing that piece of music, hit the "back" button, and return to the Liturgical Text where they left off to continue with the service until the next hyperlink. Internet access is required either through WIFI or data networks. This will provide a much easier and quicker way to go through each service with the text and music needed at that point in time.

All smart devices and operating systems are different, so double-check how they function before using them to access the hyperlinked Liturgical Texts in church. Hyperlinks may not work with the PDF viewers you already have installed, but you can download Adobe Acrobat Reader onto your devices.

For questions about the Sacred Music PDFs, contact Chris Holwey at For questions about the Online Liturgical Guide, especially about how the hyperlinks work on smart devices, contact Subdeacon Peter Samore at: