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The Convent of St. Thekla is a female monastic community under the Antiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese of North America. The Very Rev. Mark Sahady serves as the chaplain of the Convent. Located in Glenville, Pennsylvania, the Convent of St. Thekla property consists of 51 acres of land with house, barn, a pond and acres of farmland and woodland. The property is a one-hour drive from both Harrisburg airport and BWI airport and can be reached by a 3½-hour drive from the NY/NJ Metropolitan area, as well as a 3½-hour drive from Antiochian Village.

The first Antiochian Orthodox Monastery for Nuns in North America, the purpose of the convent is to pray for the salvation of the whole world and to lead a life of repentance. The Holy Monastery of St. Thekla, with the Peace of Christ, welcomes all who seek the Lord's Holy countenance. All who would like to blessed by St. Thekla, pray in tranquility, help the nuns with their duties, or simply ask questions and seek advice are encouraged to come.

Please, help and support this most vital part of our Most Holy Orthodox Church in North America. With prayer, love and donations the monastery will thrive by God's Grace. Please remember to be modest in your dress and make arrangements with the abbess for any visitations.


Letter from Metropolitan Joseph Regarding the Convent of St. Thekla

His Eminence Metropolitan Joseph writes:

July 29, 2016

Ms. Loulou Jane Nasrallah
5409 Allison Mill Rd.
Glenville, PA 17329-9115

Dear Ms. Nasrallah,

Blessings and greetings to you in the name of our Lord, God, and Savior Jesus Christ. We hope this letter finds you and Sister Kathrina Samaan in good health.

We have received you and Sister Kathrina with open arms for the past three years. We have had high hopes for the Convent of St. Thekla through both of you. In order to prepare for a successful convent, we purchased a car and a 55 acre land that included a large house, a barn, and separate garages to pave the way for a good foundation so that all the convent physical needs are met. On the other hand, we know that starting a new convent is a great spiritual struggle and challenge.


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