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St. Demetrios the Myrrh-streaming + October 26

Verily, the inhabited world found thee a great succor in tribulations and a vanquisher of nations, O fight-bearing one. Wherefore, as thou didst demolish the arrogance of Lahosh, and on the battle-field didst hearten Nestor, beseech, O Saint, Christ God to grant us the Great Mercy.

+Troparion, Tone 3

Verily, God, O Demetrius, who granted thee invincible power hath touched the Church with the live coal of thy blood streams, preserving the city unbreached; for it is established by thee.

+Kontakion, Tone 2

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Christ God, O wise Martyr Demetrius, did offer thy blameless soul unto abodes more sublime than earth; for thou didst become a contender for the Trinity, taking to the battlefield with fortitude adamantine as a diamond; and when thy pure side was pierced, O most venerable one, resembling him who was stretched on the Tree for the salvation of the whole world, thou didst receive the gift of miracle-working, granting mankind healing with bounty. Wherefore, as we celebrate today thy conveyance as is meet, we glorify the Lord who glorified thee.

-by Germanus

Thy divine and blameless soul, O Demetrius of ever-constant memory, hath heavenly Jerusalem for its abode, whose walls were ordained by the hands of the invisible God. But thine all-honoured body, having struggled exceedingly, hath on earth this renowned temple, a treasure-house of miracles that cannot be robbed, a healing for afflictions to which the afflicted flock and receive healing. Wherefore, O all-extolled one, preserve the city which doth magnify thee from the attacks of adversaries; for thou art favoured by Christ who did glorify thee.

-Glory in Tone 8 by Anatolius