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2017 Department and Organization Convention Reports Now Available

Reports from the Departments and Organizations of the Antiochian Archdiocese prepared for the 2017 Archdiocese Convention are now available online in PDF (and in one case, PPTX) format.

Click on each link to access a PDF file that may be viewed online, downloaded or printed.  Adobe Reader is required to view PDFs, and may be downloaded for free at

Ancient Faith Ministries (PDF)298.38 KB
Antiochian Heritage Foundation (PDF)167.01 KB
Addendum to the Antiochian Heritage Foundation Report (PDF)7.77 MB
Antiochian Orthodox Christian Women of NA (PDF)641.98 KB
Antiochian Orthodox Institute and Department of Translations (PDF)1011.62 KB
Antiochian Village Camp (PDF)239.3 KB
Antiochian Village Council (PDF)513.72 KB
Antiochian Village Heritage Learning Center (PDF)136.72 KB
Becoming Truly Human (PDF)137.33 KB
Chaplain & Pastoral Counseling Ministry (PDF)114.42 KB
Charities & Childrens Relief Fund (PDF)951.94 KB
Department of Camping (PDF)178.45 KB
Department of Christian Education (PDF)196.11 KB
Department of Clergy Insurance & Retirement (PDF)119.92 KB
Department of Conventions & Conference Planning (PDF)139.99 KB
Department of Home Schooling (PDF)381.25 KB
Department of Inter-Orthodox & Inter-Faith Relations (PDF)75.55 KB
Department of Internet Ministry (PDF)2.02 MB
Department of Lay Ministry (PDF)64.04 KB
Department of Liturgics (PDF)152.4 KB
Department of Marriage & Parish Family Ministry (PPTX)2.52 MB
Department of Missions & Evangelism (PDF)3.53 MB
Department of Prison Ministry (PDF)52.17 KB
Department of Sacred Music (PDF)173.49 KB
Department of Statistics & Credentials (PDF)69.05 KB
Department of Stewardship (PDF)66.41 KB
Department of Theological & Pastoral Education (PDF)90.38 KB
Department of Western Rite Vicariate (PDF)198.44 KB
Department of Young Adult Ministry (PDF)203.44 KB
Department of Youth & Parish Ministries (PDF)2.59 MB
Food for Hungry People Program (PDF)241.76 KB
Society of Orthodox Youth Organizations (PDF)5.28 MB
St. Athanasius Academy (PDF)40.74 KB
The Order of St. Ignatius of Antioch (PDF)95.6 KB
Word Magazine (PDF)77.13 KB