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Special Olympics Awareness Day 2015

The third Sunday of October, October 18, 2015 is Special Olympics Awareness Day (SOAD) across our Archdiocese. On Sunday, October 18th, your teen group, or if you have none, your designated representatives, are asked to seek the financial help of your parishioners in funding the Special Olympics Sports Camp to be held at the Antiochian Village in the summer of 2015. This ministry is run by and sponsored by the North American Council of Teen SOYO. Our teens work very hard for this ministry and rely on the generosity and support of the faithful of our Archdiocese and the Order of St. Ignatius.

This past August our Special Olympics ministry was our largest program ever, with 327 Special Olympic athletes and coaches participating. Our teen SOYO coaches and volunteers ministered exceptionally well this summer. We thank you for the extraordinary young women and men you sent to serve at our Special Olympics sports camp. You are welcome to view the hundreds of photos from this year's Special Olympics camp to get a glimpse into this beautiful Christ-centered ministry performed by our young people.


Please publicize this day. We have attached two sets of bulletin inserts, one for October 11, 2015 and the other for October 18, 2015, as well as versions for those who send out only monthly bulletins. Also attached are a letter of instruction from Fr. Joseph Purpura, a letter from His Eminence Metropolitan Joseph to be read from the pulpit, and a Teen SOYO letter to be read by a teen in church on October 18. Please include these inserts in your bulletin and share this cause from the pulpit. Your enthusiastic promotion of such a worthwhile ministry will go a long way in producing fruitful results from our faithful.

Online Donations may be made at:  - select SOYO Special Olympics

Parishes may download the following files to help in their Special Olympics Awareness Day Effort to be held October 18, 2015.


Bulletin Inserts for The Sunday Before SOAD - October 11, 2015

Bulletin Inserts for the Sunday of Special Olympics - October 18, 2015