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His Eminence Metropolitan Joseph Appoints an Archdiocesan Steering Committee for Syrian Relief

At the recently completed meeting of the Archdiocesan Board of Trustees which was held in Van Nuys California, His Eminence Metropolitan Joseph appointed a Steering Committee which is expected to plan and coordinate all efforts within the Archdiocese which are directed toward Syrian relief. The actual appointment letter to the committee can be read here.

The Committee members are as follows:

Mr. Daniel Abraham - Chairman
Very Rev. Thomas Zain - Spiritual Advisor
Mr. Khalil Kardous
Mr. Elias Shaheen
Mr. Salim Abboud
Mr. Dimitri Zeidan
Mr. Majed Nesheiwat

Among the tasks that will be undertaken by this committee is the crucial task of reviewing and approving all fundraising efforts across the Archdiocese which are intended to benefit the victims of the terrible violence in Syria.

Additional information will be posted here as it becomes available.

Appointment Letter from His Eminence Metropolitan Joseph, Syrian Relief Committee (PDF)347.69 KB