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Metropolitan JOSEPH'S Letter for Choir and Chanter Appreciation Sunday

(To be read from the pulpit and printed in the bulletin)

Beloved Brother Hierarchs, Reverend Clergy, and Christ-loving Faithful of Our God-protected Archdiocese:

Blessings and greetings to all of you in the Name of Our Lord, God, and Savior Jesus Christ!

One of the hallmarks of our Orthodox Christian faith is the beauty of our worship. Our ecclesiastical music, when done with prayer and skill, can elucidate the rich theology of our hymnography in such a way that worshippers can exclaim – as did the emissaries sent by Saint Vladimir – "we know not whether we are in heaven or on earth!"

Because we owe such a tremendous amount of gratitude to our choirs and our chanters, we set aside the second Sunday of December to honor them for the key role they play in our liturgical life. I offer thanks especially for the work of the Department of Sacred Music in working so diligently to expand the repertoire of music and to make it accessible to all. In addition, the department offers the Sacred Music Institute to help our choir members and chanters learn more about this sacred art and fine tune their God-given talents.

To support this work, which is so vital our Orthodox Christian liturgical lives, I ask each parish of this Archdiocese to offer a second collection on December 10, 2017 and to offer special recognition to those who are fulfilling this sacred ministry.

Wishing you all a holy and grace-filled continuation of the fast and joyous feast of the Nativity, I remain,

Your Father in Christ,
Archbishop of New York and Metropolitan of all North America
December 10, 2017

(Photo: St. John Orthodox Church, Memphis, TN)


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